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Changing Lives can be a Life Changing

Out of all the reasons to join the Beautiful Together movement, the greatest one would always be the opportunity to belong to a community that thrives on empowering all members of society, from special needs individuals to economically-challenged individuals.

About Us

Together we are Beautiful!

The Beautiful Together Foundation stands as a non-governmental organization committed to empowering People with Intellectual Disabilities (PWIDs) through a range of engagement initiatives and diverse revenue generation models. Our mission revolves around creating self-sustainable and premium independent living opportunities for PWIDs, ensuring they can lead fulfilling lives with dignity and autonomy.


Our Mission

To implement successful, self-sustainable and premium Independent Living spaces that is not about individual commercial success but about collective social advancement and growth for adult people with Intellectual Disabilities

Our Vision

To create a country-wide, unified movement where the general public, corporate houses and other stakeholders come together to uplift and empower Special Needs Individuals who are in need of assistance and support.
Our Programs

Fulfilling Lives with Happiness

Our Goals

Focus on Special Needs

With the founding members themselves being parents of a special needs child, it seemed a step in the right direction to start the Beautiful Living project with an initial focus on People with Intellectual Disabilities, and then gradually extending it to other sectors. Our principal focus with special needs individuals is to give them access to quality education, financial independence, and long-term care when their parents or guardians are no longer present.

Our process

How do we do this?

The primary need of most parents of special needs individuals is to see their child enjoying the same dignity, security and financial independence, any other individual does. At Beautiful Living we make this possible by turning special needs individuals into active beneficiaries of our engagement programs.

How does this work?

The Beautiful Together foundation’s Independent Living model revolves around the concept of community living, where each resident with special needs enjoys the comfort of a premium, shared apartment located conveniently close to their workplace. To ensure their well-being and independence, trained and experienced caregivers will be available both at the residence and workspace.

Through a diverse range of engagements and revenue streams, our aim is to empower these individuals to lead self-sustainable and independent lives. Recognizing the uniqueness of each resident, we provide personalized care and support, taking into account their specific needs, preferences, and aspirations. Care plans are collaboratively developed, involving the resident, their family or guardian, and the care team.

Our residential home is dedicated to fostering independence and skill development through tailor-made interventions, educational programs, and opportunities for community integration. By creating a nurturing environment, we seek to empower individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to achieve their fullest potential and lead fulfilling lives with dignity and pride.

Care to Change?

Get Involved

As a special needs school or vocational centre, we know you are 100% committed to improving the quality of life of your students by providing them excellent education, and training them to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Let us assist you in your commitment by providing you tools and financial support that can be directed towards giving your students financial independence and long-term engagement. To start a conversation, get in touch with us

You see your special needs child as an individual with immense potential that is as deserving of respect, dignity and independence as anyone else. We see your child with the same eyes too. That is why we want to be of assistance to you no matter what your concern. Whether you are looking for the right education channels for your child, or an engagement opportunity that gives them financial independence, we can direct you to the solution. Simply start a conversation with us

Ever wanted to be part of a greater cause by means of the products you manufacture? Well, we have just the opportunity for you. Presenting, a unique e-commerce portal where you can contribute to important social causes by selling your products through the portal. In addition, your product also gets exposure to our wide network of supporters and members that actively purchase through the portal. Sounds like an opportunity you would like to explore? Well, simply start a conversation with us

The opportunity to contribute towards the greater good of society should always be added to cart and checked out. So, why not sell your gift cards and coupons on our portal, and as a result support social causes that require urgent attention. To understand the process and discuss further, start a conversation with us

Customers often resonate with brands that stand for something beyond themselves. Partner with Beautiful Together and receive a certificate that declares you as a supporter of the movement. When you display this certificate at your retail store, you not only become a retailer that goes beyond, but also become the preferred choice for members of the Beautiful Together family. To understand the process and discuss further, start a conversation with us

It’s important to instill a sense of empathy and care for fellow human beings from an early age on, and what better way to do that than introducing your students to the concept of Beautiful Together. By encouraging your students and their parents to purchase all school related supplies from the e-commerce portal, you promote a practice that is built on giving back to society. Not just this, students can also purchase their birthday supplies such as cakes, decorations, return gifts and more from the portal, and have their special day mean much more. To introduce Beautiful Together to your students and their parents, start a conversation with us

We believe that your corporate organization and our cause can work beautifully together. If you have a CSR programme that is looking to make a true difference in the lives of millions, then get in touch with us immediately.

Human Resources Team
Does your company regularly organize staff birthdays, office parties, festive get-togethers, and provide gifts and other treats for the same? If yes, then we have a proposition for you. Purchase all your office celebration requirements from our e-commerce portal, and contribute not just to the happiness of your employees but also to social causes that are in need of urgent attention

If you are a member of a residential association, kindly encourage fellow members and residents to support the Beautiful Together project by actively purchasing from the portal, and spreading the word among friends and family. Your involvement can help improve the lives of many.

You have a voice that is heard by millions of people. Which is why we would like you to speak up for our cause and generate awareness. Whether it is by a simple shout out on your social media channels, or taking up the role of a Beautiful Together ambassador, your contribution will help us create an impact that will reach far and wide. We are also open to any other suggestions you have for endorsing our cause, just start a conversation with us

Do you specialise in art forms like painting, literary writing, dancing and so on? Well, you could use your art form to bring about positive growth in the lives of many. If you create tangible art creations such as paintings, books, home décor and more, you could sell your creations on our e-commerce portal and dedicate a part of the profit to causes that require urgent support. If you are in performance arts such as singing, dancing or theatre, you can host performances in partnership with us, where a pre-discussed amount of ticket sales could go to causes. If this sounds like something you could get involved in, start a conversation with us

As a social worker or individual in the non-profit field, you will know how important it is to gain the support of a larger audience to make real change. Which is why, we sincerely hope to see your involvement in our cause in whichever way possible.

The media has the power to influence general public like no other medium can. If you or someone you know is a media professional, and has resources to promote the Beautiful Together project, please get in touch with us. The right words communicated through the right channels can change millions of lives for the better.

What after us?

Beautiful Living

Everyone deserves to be in an environment where they are cared for, understood and supported.
Parents of individuals with special needs often find themselves concerned with the future of their children after them. Questions such as who will take care of them, understand their needs, shower them with love and be by their side, surround their minds day in and day out. The immense love that parents of special needs individuals carry for their children will not allow them to see their child struggling, and the only thing that will give them peace of mind is knowing that their child will be well-cared for throughout their lives.


At Beautiful Together, we work towards this concern through our Beautiful Living program.

These facilities will have the best of services and living arrangements for special needs individuals, along with 24/7 care from trained residential staff, ensuring that they lead happy lives even after their parents. The primary aim with the Beautiful Living project will always be to ensure special needs individuals live and grow in an environment just like the one their loving parents created for them.

creative solutions

Beautiful Stories

At Beautiful Together, we are always looking for expressions of humanity that celebrate inclusiveness, acceptance and compassion. These expressions can be in the form of films, articles, songs and more. If you have any such pieces of work and would like to share it on our website, please write to us at

“Beautiful Together, while just two words, they can mean a million different things to a million different people. But one common thread that will tie all these million meanings together, would be that of humanity. An undeniable sense of being compassionate, caring and loving towards one another.”

Alternatively, if you would like to support artists like filmmakers, singers, writers and more in creating pieces of work that celebrate inclusiveness and compassion, you can opt to crowd-fund their projects by clicking the tab below.

support us

Change Lives with a Donation

When you see the world as ‘us’ and ‘them’, you see the world through a lens that divides. When you see the world as just ‘us’, you see a world fueled by compassion.

And in this world of ‘us’, there is only one rule – to uplift each other to the best of one’s capabilities, ensuring every individual, no matter how different, enjoys a sense of dignity and acceptance that is equal.

If you believe in this idea, and believe in our movement dedicated to empowering special needs individuals, specially-abled persons, at-risk communities and other causes, then support us by donating.

Your donations will help ensure successful implementation of our work model, and as a result improve the lives of many, for years to come.

Please note, we only accept online donations, 


Become a Volunteer

In a time where divisiveness and discrimination threaten the fabric of the world, it is absolutely crucial to change the narrative and spark change, and not just through mere words, but actions.

Sometimes the greatest gift you could provide to a cause is your time. And we assure you, your time will be well spent here, because every second you spend as a Beautiful Together volunteer, becomes one extra moment in the lives of special needs individuals where they feel truly accepted, respected and loved.

“When all of us are still grappling with issues surrounding empowering our students and finding apt employment opportunities, Beautiful Together came in at the right time, to provide a wonderful platform for all people with disabilities.




“Every individual needs to be the change to make a difference in the society or community . People from all walks of life need to come together and participate and contribute in any which way they can . I would like to do my part by being a volunteer and help in making a difference.”




“When I stumbled upon Beautiful Together, I was intrigued by the idea of working with an organisation that is looking at sustainable solutions for people with special needs as well as their families..




“It is a soul stirring experience to volunteer with Beautiful Together because people with special needs, I feel, need special care and nurturing in this world.” 




“Being an autistic individual, in a world biased towards a neurotypical populace is no mean feat, for my 12 year old. As part of her inner circle I actively advocate for her, until she is able to do so herself.”